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Over the years, as the Fleurieu Peninsula in Adelaide’s southern area has grown and expanded, so has DeYoungs.


In a small tight knit community, where word of mouth will make or break, it is a matter of considerable pride to observe the growth in both the physical business, and more importantly the reputation of our Earthmoving division.Dam construction isn’t anything to take lightly, and not just a hole in the ground. Careful lining and compaction will ensure maximum retention of water.


And of course, earthworks completed, the project now ready for landscaping, and the all important rain. With something as important as shaping and moulding the earth around you, there is simply no substitute for experience. With over 70 years combined experience, the machine operators within the DeYoung Group, are considered to be the Michael Angelos in their field.


Above are some pictures of the recovery of a four wheel drive vehicle lost at sea. Responding to council request, DeYoungs soon had the job under control.

Rock Breaker2

Shale rock would make things difficult for a smaller machine, but our 30ton excavator just eats it up. Should the rock become too solid, then wesimply break out the bad boy rock breaker. Lock and load baby.

Taking the time to set up a job properly can be make or break. Deep ripping of this vineyard for new vines is made easy with the D7. Using a laser to guide the operator in a straight line will avoid rows of vines looking like a dogs breakfast.

The list of equipment available to the DeYoung plant operators is impressive, and provides the flexibility to tackle any job, from dams to driveways, house sites to roads, builders to the wine grower, industrialists to councils. Whoever you are to wherever you are, DeYoungs have the machinery, and the expertise to meet your needs.

When you’re looking to capitalise on those fantastic views, perhaps the site cut is a bit more complicated than a simple cut and fill. With the right equipment, and the right operators, anything is possible. And at the end of the day, the result can be truly satisfying.

Talk about the options for your property, please call John on 0438 821 010, or email:

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