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Projects by our Talented Customers

Below we share creations that our customers have made with products and furniture sourced from our shop.

We love to share your work, please send us your photos to

Cafe Brio

This gorgeous rustic cafe has sourced timber and furniture from us to create their cozy atmosphere.

We just love it!

Find them at:

181 Seacombe Road,

South Brighton SA.

The Owl Man

"The Owl Man" as he is affectionately called by his family and friends, makes Owls with supplies from DeYoungs.

He is making a unique Owl for every member of his family by using bearings, handles, marbles, forks... and anything else that he finds here.

Aren't they the coolest!! 

"Hoot Hoot!"


"Kookery" is a kitchware store on the main street in Willunga, SA.

They have a large range of fun and quirky gifts for foodies, as displayed on our huge wall unit in these photos. 

This vintage wall unit was just "meant to be" in this gorgeous shop! A perfect match!

Kookery is located at:

18c High Street, Willunga SA

Wood Panels and a Barn Door

This clever family have made feature walls and a barn door with our timber.

Loving the Herringbone feature wall.

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