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Rare & Collectable Items


A pair of replica 1770’s English naval cannons.

3 ½ inch Saker pattern (6 pound) on precision built Jarrah carriages. Custom built in South Australia. These 6 foot guns are copies of those used on the “HMS Endeavour” under Captain James Cook.


Height 117cm - Length 180cm - Depth 90cm.    SOLD

Unique 1970’s Heavy World Globe

Hand made with cement and fibreglass.

Ex Melbourne movie prop. Circa 1970’s.


Height 80cmWidth 45cm


World Globe
World Globe
World Globe
World Globe
World Globe

Rare & Glorious Antique Train Drop Down Hand Basin

An amazing, historical statement piece!


From a Victorian Train. Made from nickel. Circa early 1900’s. Press the top section to release and pull down the basin. Close slowly to drain the water.


Height 74cm

Width 45cm

Depth 18cm 



"The Works of Charles Dickens"

Household Edition.

10 Antique Books:

1. Bleak House - 1852

2. Christmas Books - 1878

3. Pickwick Papers - 1836

4. The Old Curiosity Shop - 1840

5. American Notes and Pictures from Italy - 1893

6. By John Forster - 1874

7. Martin Chuzzlewit - 1843

8. Dombey and Son - 1846

9. Hard Times - 1854

10. Barnaby Rudge - 1841

In green cloth with gilt to front and spine.


Charles Dickens
Charles Dickens Books
Charles Dickens Books
Charles Dickens Books
Charles Dickens
Art Deco Candy

Art Deco Fresh Candy

Vending Machine

Art Deco design vending machine from the USA!

It did originally have a mirror on the top section.

It takes Nickels & Dimes in the coin slot. What a beauty!

Made by Stoner Manufacturing Corporation of Aurora,

Illinois, USA.

They manufactured these candy dispensers from 1930

to 1955.

We believe this Art Deco vending machine must have

been used in places like movie theatres, hotel lobbies or

other upscale locations.


Art Deco Candy

Huge Handmade 8ft “Predator Alien” Sculpture

This huge Alien sculpture measures a

giant 240cm! Carefully created by welding

various machine parts together.



Large 7ft “C3PO” from Star Wars - handcrafted metalwork Sculpture

This amazing CP30 sculpture measures a

giant 216cm! Carefully created by welding

various machine parts together.


Large 6ft “Boba Fett” from Star Wars - handcrafted metalwork statue

Carefully created by welding

various machine parts together.

Height 188cm

Width 127cm


Nio Zen Buddism

150cm Bronze "Nio Temple Guardians" from a Japanese Temple

Niō (仁王) are two wrathful and muscular guardians of the Buddha, standing today at the entrance of many Buddhist temples in East Asian Buddhism in the form of frightening wrestler-like statues.


They are dharmapala manifestations of the bodhisattva Vajrapani, the oldest and most powerful of the Mahayana Buddhist pantheon.


Nio Zen Buddhism was a practice advocated by the Zen monk Suzuki Shosan (1579–1655). He recommended that practitioners should meditate on Nio and even adopt their fierce expressions and martial stances in order to cultivate power, strength and courage when dealing with adversity. 


Suzuki described Nio as follows: "The Niō (Vajrapani) is a menacing God. He wields the kongōsho (vajra) and he can crush your enemies. Depend on him, pray to him that he will protect you as he protects the Buddha. He vibrates with energy and spiritual power which you can absorb from him in times of need."


Nio Guardians are attributed to the acclaimed sculpture “Tankei” (1173 – 1256). Of the Keilia School during the Kamakura period. These two Nio Guardians are the best known of a set called the “28 Attendants” (Nijulliachi Bushu) to Sensy Kannon.


$29, 990 for the pair

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