Everything in life changes over time. People change, circumstances change, families grow and families transform. The one constant in life is change.

With changing circumstance, a house may become too small, too big, too old, too plain. Maybe it's time to sub-divide that valuable real estate. Regardless of the reasons, DeYoungs have the expertise and the experience to make that next step easy, painless, and in most cases, outright exciting.

And not just domestic housing. DeYoungs are experienced in a wide range of commercial demolition applications, from wineries to factories, with over 25 years in the industry, there's not much the staff at DeYoungs haven't seen.


2 Storey double brick residence


Prior to the heavy machinery moving in, a team of salvage experts move in to remove any materials that are able to be recycled. In this particular instance however, the machinery was required to lift out the self contained bathroom from the second floor. 

For this job, the long reach of the 30 ton excavator is ideal.

Raising the roof from the front.

From behind, truly an uplifting experience.

“In the end we are all dust and bones” Or in this case, a single pile of rubble.

And of course finally, the site cleared, and prepared for the next project.

Note the close proximity of the neighbouring homes. This job will require a great deal of skill and care.

Gently boys, easy does it.

Now lets rock n roll.

Guess we know who’s king of this castle.

The biggest challenge of any demolition work funny enough isn’t knocking the building down. Although this can at times be a challenge, the real problem is sorting and disposing of the waste correctly and in a manner that will minimise the impact to our environment. From the concrete and asbestos, to the steel and timber, not to mention soil and vegetation, each job is scheduled for what can be salvaged, recycled, and of course disposed of. The logistics can be daunting.


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